Princess Closet (プリンセス・クローゼット) by more games

This post was originally written for the Ameba release by more games which was later available on iOS and Tsutaya. It all eventually closed by December 2015.

(I emailed Ciagram and got a reply confirming that the other character routes will be released in the international release of the game – February 21, 2017)

(Shuu Tachibana’s route has been released on both iOS and Android! – April 27, 2017)

(There’s a fan birthday project starting April 12 for Reo’s birthday, read this post for more info!)

(Kai Ayasaki’s route now available on Android with iOS release to be very soon! Info about his fan birthday project here! – July 13, 2017)

Princess Closet was later re-released by Ciagram, a domestic arm of more game’s parent company, Interspace. The game’s simulation/grinding elements were removed and made entirely free to play/read with story tickets that are given for daily logins.

The protagonist (you) is a regular office lady who was looking forward to her trip to the beauty salon and upon your arrival, you find it closed despite your appointment with them. Then someone approached you, Kamiyoshi Reo, the designer for the up-and-coming fashion label, Princess Closet who is looking for a model that people could relate to for the upcoming photo shoot.

When Reo brought you to the atelier, the studio where the Princess Closet team works, he introduces you to the rest of the members.

Tachibana Shuu is the producer of Princess Closet who handles the business side of the fashion label as well as being the head of Ilias (the Japan branch of a famous and international modeling agency).

Ayasaki Kai is the hair and makeup artist who is known for his spectacular work for various stars (iirc www). Kai is really knowledgeable about hair and skin care and would often advise you.

Shinonome Akito is a landscape photographer who got dragged into Princess Closet by Reo. He doesn’t do photo shoots and is reluctant about it but he does his work very well.

The game has a total of four playable characters. The stories are divided into the main stories, monthly event stories, seasonal event stories and sequels (at the moment, it has not been re-released.)

Seasonal events that can be bought or unlocked by watching videos to earn diamonds. Voices are said to be included and are voiced by the following cast.

  • Furukawa Makoto as Kamiyoshi Reo
  • Takeuchi Ryouta as Tachibana Shuu
  • Ousaka Ryouta as Ayasaki Kai
  • Masuda Toshiki as Shinonome Akito

Note that the game is only partially voiced. Voices, seasonal events are only available in the Japanese release. Daily login gives you five story tickets and can be replenished with additional jewels via in-app purchase or simply by watching videos. The game has no branched endings so feel free to choose whatever response you like!

The game has been translated into several languages such as English, Traditional Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish and possibly German with only Reo, Shuu and Kai’s route playable at the moment. I’m sure the other character routes will be released so wait for it~! The character routes are now all available!

(Note: I made a mistake with one of the languages and previously stated it as Vietnamese. The correct language is Korean.)

Find the international release of the game at AppStore and Google Play.

Finding the Japanese release? AppStore, Google Play.


Girls Style feature of the game and interview with the producer and character designer
Blog (now inactive)
Official site Has Twitter icons and wallpapers!✨
Original Princess Closet Twitter
Princess Closet Twitter (English)
Ciagram’s Twitter
Princess Closet (International) on Facebook


5 thoughts on “Princess Closet (プリンセス・クローゼット) by more games

  1. Cat

    This looks pretty, I definitely want to try it out after I finish playing some of the other mobage I started :’D

  2. Trinity

    Do you know how to change routes? I’ve been stuck on Reo for ages and when I got to the end, it didn’t offer a character change. It made me replay his story. I tried to uninstall Princess Closet but it just made me change my name and stuck me with Reo!

    1. aheadofthenight

      Hi Trinity! I believe that the other character routes have not been released. You can send your encouraging words of support to the Ciagram team by going to ‘Contact’ in the app!

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