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Stand My Heroes (スタンドマイヒーローズ) by coly, inc.

Stand My Heroes is a puzzle-based game with stories (like Yume100) featuring characters from Drug Prince Narcotic Girl (ドラッグ王子とマトリ姫) and more!

Basically, it begins with the protagonist’s part in messing up another Narcotics operation – technically it isn’t her fault but she feels the mistake to be hers and when a special team called Stand Alone National Department (abbreviated as STAND) is set up and Seki, the Narcotics head got an offer – he turns it down, offering to anyone who wants to be a part of STAND.

STAND resolves cold cases (if I read correctly, let me know if I’m wrong) and the protagonist feels that if she could be a part of STAND, she’ll be able to further herself as a Narcotics officer.

The beginning started off by the protagonist being a temporary member of STAND but in order to become an official member herself, she has to get various “elite oddballs”to join STAND. These guys have their own reasons to refuse but things happen and they become compelled www

The puzzles are quick to play, it won’t take long for you to learn how – it’s simple to clear, and for starters, you only have to match three of the same characters.

I like how each part of a stage has a story – 1 stage has about 10 parts. You have to clear them well in order to proceed to the next chapter of the story by collecting stars.

The game also utilise cards with different levels of rarity and gaining ‘relationship(?)’ (kizuna) points gets you closer to the story attached to the card. Duplicate cards automatically increases your ‘relationship’ points.

Overall, I think it’s a really enjoyable game – more so if you’ve played Drug Prince and Narcotic Girl but it’s can be played on its own. The character sprites move on Live2D too.

I only started today and already on the third stage 😂 It should be available at AppStore and Google Play worldwide, search for “coly, inc.” and they’ll pop up.

Edit: Totally slipped my mind about the voice cast and basically, the Narcotics are Sugita Tomokazu (as Aoyama Itsuki), Namikawa Daisuke (as Imaouji Shun), Maeno Tomoaki (as Seki Daisuke), Toriumi Kousuke (as Watabe Satoru), Kaji Yuuki (as Natsume Haru) :Db

Have fun!

18 thoughts on “Stand My Heroes (スタンドマイヒーローズ) by coly, inc.

    1. It is! Though it crashes too often but the developer is fixing them as soon as they can x3;;

      The protagonist is older (steady job as a pharmacist but she got recruited into Narcotics because of her ability to resist the effects of [drugs??]) so the crowd’s different too xD

      1. Crashing sucks, so yay at least they’re going to fix it! 😀
        Wooooow, that’s awesome, never heard of a similar premise before :0

        1. Yeah, she’s the new recruit for Narcotics and has to choose a partner to pair up for safety and learn the ways of how they operate www I hope they fix the other bugs soon though I have problem clearing one of the puzzles orz

          1. OHOHOHO, sounds real intriguing. Now i’m curious about the original game too!
            Noo, I hate when those type of bugs happen, really breaks the enjoyment ;_;

            1. The routes in the original game are sold like how Voltage does it: main story, extra stories and the like. :33

              1. Woa…I’m not really a fan of Voltage, eyeless heroines creep me out a lot :’D

              2. Oops, the CGs might not be your cup of tea then |D If I remember correctly… the heroine’s eyeless too (Don’t like them eyeless myself, makes no sense really XD)

              3. Same here, I think they try to illustrate those CGs in a way that you can’t see the protagonist’s face so at least I’m partially spared from eyeless-ness wwww

              4. I didn’t get that far XD;;; and I uninstalled because it didn’t notify me of new chats www It usually does look strange – protagonist seemingly lacks emotion from how we see it unless it’s very well arranged www

              5. I think you need to go to the options and make it okay to notify, and also let it auto-start. Maybe contact Cheritz about it? :’D
                Yeah, protagonists without eyes also get the no expression/emotions 90% of the time ORZ

              6. The setting remained as it was, except for text messages? But I’m good. With the ban on exiting in the middle of the conversation, I probably never got pass the prologue XD Eyes really are the windows into someone’s soul ww

              7. Yeah, the bans have been very heavy-handed, but it is what it is :’D
                At least it’s easy to cosplay the MC’s, since they’re eyeless LMAO

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