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Changes + late 3rd year anniversary

I’m making some changes and some stuff might be unavailable for the time being. Appearances-wise, I switched fonts! Finally easy AND pretty on the eyes.

Actually wrote about Tendou-ke’s second volume but I couldn’t remember a few things (and not sure where I left the book) so it’s postponed /o/ Will try and finish a post or two and queue them.

For Dormitory Love, Mirin-san has coded the flower-viewing event and the prologue has been updated to my latest translation so the coming update will have new stuff!! Please try it out and tell me what you think >W< Find it here!

After I wrote my last entry on my other blog, I’m halfway giving up on this blog /screaming inwardly

and I’m not sure whether I want to write about romances here…

Most of the time, I don’t spare much time to do something for reviews (I tried that but it piled more pressure me instead and I end up setting it aside for long periods of time).

Even when I say I’d do whatever I like, it sounds so haphazard that I try to work out a routine of sorts. Which I continue to fail at.

And so my journey continues…

Third year since this blog went live and I’m still wrestling with myself for a sense of control |D


5 thoughts on “Changes + late 3rd year anniversary

  1. The changes look great! ♪v(‘∇’*)⌒☆
    Wait, you have another blog? Is it public? I’d love to check it out (人・ω・)
    Take it slowly, try things out and you’ll find what you wanna do. The most important this is to not restrict yourself and give things a shot just to see how you like. Tho I can’t really speak I gave up blogging for 2 years and only came back this year xD;
    I’m looking forward to your queued posts~
    (BTW, off-topic, whenever you have time I’d be really happy if you could update my link on your blogroll to the current one (人ゝω・) )

    1. Thanks Nessa! It’s not much but it’s certainly looks more comfortable to read now xD
      Not to brag but I have a few scattered in the Internet lmao Sure, I’ll DM you >W<
      I actually started blogging a long time ago but forever going on and off, even now www
      Thank you!! I hope it's of some substance lololol
      (P.S. Thanks for the reminder, it's updated now! <3)

      1. I guess I got inspired by you, because I also changed my theme to make it simpler but still cute (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)
        Woa, you get around then! I’m looking forward to the DM to check them all out! (ᇴ‿ฺᇴ)
        I’ve started a bunch of blog but ended up running out of steam quickly and deleting them xD;
        Oh, thanks! (✪‿✪)ノ

        1. I’m gushing now >W<~~~ /glomps Nessa
          Oh, I tend to run out of ideas pretty fast, ahaha – endings things took a little longer though www
          Thank you again Nessa, it's really a big boost of positive feelings for me right now ❤

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