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[trial version 1.0] Dormitory Love spring+summer

Mirin-san (@mirin-hase) made a basic trial version and you can check it out now! To be honest, I was more excited than anxious but now both threatens to spill over |D


The trial only covers the prologue/opening of the story. It’s about 15 minutes long.

Mirin-san plans to update it as I progress and here are the plans that I have in mind for the next update

☆ Functions like name customisation are not available in this version (sorry! ONScripter is buggy at the moment – Mirin-san)
the translation used for this trial version is quite dated (at least a year and more) so there will be plenty of changes in the upcoming version
☆With @roseverte‘s advice, I am also getting rid of all the weird stuff (dialogue+monologue’s pacing, parentheses, oddly-placed monologues/dialogues and etc) so I’m really sorry that you have to put up with it /W\
☆additional content to the trial: common event (flower-viewing) and a few individual events with the characters as well ;33
☆the ‘menu’ button brings you to the ‘main menu’ NOT settings but hopefully we can change that too

Everything in English is done by yours truly so please forward any comments to me 🙂

In my previous DormLove update, I mentioned that I’m translating the whole text from scratch so I’m implementing comments, suggestions that I receive into my WIP.


Jun Minase gets roped into managing a dormitory full of foreign students! How would she handle them and their different cultures?!

Would there be peaceful days in the dormitory?

Thank you so much for reading! ♡

Head over here for the trial!

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