Tendou-ke Monogatari volume 1 by Saitou Ken (天堂家物語 1巻 – 斎藤けん)

I read Ken Saitou’s Tendou-ke Monogatari (The Tales of Tendo Family, according to the cover) and it was simply amazing! (It got me out of my manga-reading slump btw ヾ(*ゝω・*)ノ)


Edit: The second volume is releasing on April 5th! Buy at CDJapan or at Amazon Japan!

A plainly dressed girl saved a well-dressed young lady of her own age from drowning to death in the river. The said young lady told her, ‘I threw myself into the river with the desire to die’ and goes on explaining the desperate straits she was in. The young lady is Houjou Ran. Being the third daughter of a wealthy family, she is married off to a noble family in exchange for her money. The family she is marrying into currently has an inheritance crisis (the head of the family is quite ill and possibly dying while his children are doing all they can to get the spot lol) and with such, it won’t be strange at all if she died in the process, she says. The unnamed plain girl told Houjou-chan to live, convincing her that their similarities in height and looks (not quite true 😂) meant that the young lady could escape her destined future.

Fast-forward to how the chapter started, the protagonist (is unnamed but henceforth addressed as Ran) thought how shallow she was to think she was able to deceive Masato, the man that Houjou-chan was supposed to marry. He questioned Ran’s story and told her if she’s willing to stab herself that he would believe her.

Being the typical male protagonist in shoujo manga (I think), he didn’t think she would go through with it and hurt his hand in his attempt to stop Ran. He tells her to not touch him, and that he believes her story, leaving her free to leave.

Some time passed and Ran suddenly remembered about the ointment that her Granddad made. She thought it would be of use to Masato. She sneaked into the guesthouse (Masato lives separately from the main house) and someone tried capturing her! She managed to tackle and subdue him, leaving Masato wondering how she managed to do so lol

I can’t really remember from here onwards (bad of me but good for you since no spoilers |D) but there a few happenings until the final chapter that made me shake in anticipation for the next volume.

From the obi (and a scene from a chapter),

‘I want to die trying to save someone’ – Ran

‘If you want to die, die in your attempt to protect me’ – Masato

And from chapter 4, the final chapter of volume 1.

‘Look carefully, and let this be seared into your mind’

‘And see your attachment’

‘Burn to ashes’ – Masato

I hope it sounds interesting enough xD Won’t say anymore because it’ll be spoiling and that’s no fun www

Really recommend buying the copy because the colours are simply amazing in person. The back cover is even more beautiful! It’s probably the illustration of Houjou-chan’s outer wear (羽織?). Gorgeous!!

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Volume 1
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P.S. It seems like Saitou-sensei is serialising Kawaii Hito (Ane LaLa) meaning Tendou-ke is on hiatus for the time being. Is anyone interested in sending your thoughts to her? I want to write to her about how much I love Tendou-ke. I can (try xD) translating it to Japanese so she can understand what you’ve wrote. If you’re interested, drop a comment below 🙂

7 thoughts on “Tendou-ke Monogatari volume 1 by Saitou Ken (天堂家物語 1巻 – 斎藤けん)

  1. this is much later that your post and although you may never read it I must say that I have read all 9 chapters of this Manga (through a secret source) and there have been no more since April! I am crying and I think also all the other readers are too. Please forward my crying to the above mentioned mangaka! Please tell her this story is awesome and must be finished!

    1. Hi Jill and thanks for the comment! I’ll remember to forward your thoughts to the author 🙂

  2. I’ll leave my comment here.
    First of all, I hope my English is understandable to you and well … I hope to express everything correctly xD
    Second, I have also read the CAP.9 of this manga and I have to say I love it !! I want to read more !! ToT and if I have to leave a message to the mangaka would be that, -very excited- Please continue this fascinating manga, I’m her fan and want to know about Ran and and …. yep everything!
    Worth mentioning that I am from Mexico so yei ~ !!! She has latino fans too !! 😀 /hope I’m not the only one, that if / xD BUT…. anyway, you have my suport! See you and take care!! ^ ^/

    P.D: Also y read Kawaii Hito so…. yeah I love it ( 7w7)

    1. Thanks Teresa, I’ll include your comment to the author as well! I very much recommend buying the volume if it’s published in Mexico! Her Samishii Hito is sweet to read too 🙂

      1. Thank you so much! ^^
        Samishii Hito… I don’t know about that manga o.o //oh! I found images!// *w* looks pretty! but I don’t know where I can read it!! T^T WHY!!!?
        hehehe sorry 😛

  3. I am from Poland but read manga in English, since it is faster to get and more common.
    I have only read 3 chap but love this manga. Cannot understand why it is not more popular. The story is intresting and the pictures look good. If it was more popular more chap would be published and available in English. Want to see it!!!

    1. Hi Magdalena, thanks for the comment!
      It’s really an interesting story and I hope someone would license it >w<
      Maybe you can suggest the manga to English publishing companies like Viz Media or even your local publishing companies to license?
      According to the author notes in volume two, volume three is planned for Spring 2017 so it'll be a while longer till we can see more of Tendou-ke.

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