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Diamond Girl ~Koi no Maji Lesson~ (ダイヤモンドガール~恋の本気(マジ)レッスン~) – thoughts

I remember blogging about this back when it was out for pre-release registration on Ameba. I really like how colourful the graphics are!

I’m almost halfway into Fujigaya Masaki’s route and I’m finding myself liking him even more despite my crap first impression of him from the Ameba release. What a breeze to read the stories without the need to raise stats!

Masaki works for Misono Group and aimed to marry you, the long-lost daughter of the head of the said corporation with the intention of inheriting the company. Now, the protagonist likes to wear jerseys (rather comfy, is it not? ww) and all those seemingly unladylike habits that Masaki would associate with and he kept his opinion of her to mostly himself until he figuratively exploded and came clear with her. That, he has his work as her fiance cut out for him to polish and groom her into a suitable young lady in the eyes of the society. And of course, as his fiance too www She felt much better that he’s being frank and a little brash with her since she doesn’t feel comfortable if she’s constantly treated like a lady even when she isn’t.

So since its closure last June (if I remember correctly), it has now been released as a stand-alone app on ☆Android☆ and ☆iOS☆ without the social networking game elements it originally had. There are no voices but it does have background music.

I tried playing it on Ameba but the training lessons wore me out quickly (I was infatuated with Princess Closet then, also a sister app to Diamond Girl that took up loads of my time lol) and I stopped playing after that. Its closure came as a surprise because it was barely a year since the release but also probably because the companies affiliated with various games has went under and relinquishing their games to a domestic arm of the parent company (which is Interspace) called Ciagram.

Now, the app version gives you 5 diamonds (sub-chapters) to read everyday. You can choose to buy more diamonds to continue reading the story. Chapters that you have read are automatically saved into the album, same goes for the CGs, which can both be read, viewed anytime without the use of diamonds.

All in all, it’s a pretty cute game in terms of visuals and story. While I’m not sure how the other characters are like yet, I’ll probably stay around to find out. To top it off, it’s free! ww

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