Stuff I’ve enjoyed – Year 2015

It was less than two weeks before the year ends that I had the idea to write this because this year had been more varied and very less on games (I’ve never been consistent about such year-end stuff, have I? 😜) so an all-game post would have been impossible 😁

On to the list!

(Not arranged in a particular order.)

Jo Beverley’s Company of Rogues, Malloren series – It’s a huge series if you put them all together! Haha. The key characters related to the series already has their books while it continues with new characters that has ties to those in the previous books ;3

Takagi Shigeyoshi’s Itsuka no Haru (not Seishun) – It’s been such a long time since I’ve seen her in the shoujo manga circles so I practically jumped with joy when I saw the release tweet on Twitter! It’s a sweet and interesting title with an equally interesting one-shot collected as well. Hope to see more of her shoujo stuff!!

Mary Jo Putney’s The Starting Over series (formerly known as Circle of Friends) – Occasionally, scenes from Phoenix Falling (the copy I read was The Spiral Path) would pop into my head. It’s such a heart rendering book. I love it a lot. I like how both characters had to go through a mincing machine (am I a sadist? |D) because so many awful things happened to them and yet here they are, expressing themselves with a craft they know best.

The Corrs’ White Light – their new album in 10 years and it’s been a raw and straight-to-the-heart album for me and I love it. It was their studio live footage of Bring On The Night that made my twin and I bought the album.

Nojima Kenji’s ☆Itsuka Dokoka no Boku ni Tsuite – Was it released this year? lol I forget sometimes www This CD is a series of tracks that alternate between speaking ones that has accompanying music and songs. The artwork featured has been adorable and endearing. Might be a hassle to purchase (it’s only available via his web store) but well worth the extra mile.

Tani Mizue’s ☆Omoide no Toki Shuurishimasu: Sora kara no Jihou (third book) – It totally passed me by that there’s a third book orz I really enjoyed it and would find time to re-read it again >w<~~ (Note: If you click my link and purchase anything from them, it’ll be really nice ^o^)

Julie Anne Long’s ☆The Legend of Lyon Redmond – the long-awaited book about Olivia and Lyon!!! It’s got to be the best book I’ve read this year. If you’re new, it might be best to start from the first book in the Pennyroyal Green series ww It gets way better with each book ;3 She’ll also have a contemporary next year which I’m absolutely looking forward to >W<

Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3 Izayoiki Aizouban (PSP port of the expanded game) – Bought this with my twin on impulse because they are giving away holographic postcards of 4 Neoromance titles (Geten, Corda 4, Angelique Retour and Haruka 6) and that I have yet to play it. For the record, I’ve played one character, Yuzuru who is voiced by Nakahara Shigeru > didn’t get the good end > the special system ‘rewrites destiny’ > good end. The scene where he got hit was bad but the scenes afterwards were the worst. Warning: The sad scenes have a high probability to make you cry. (laughs)

Amnesia:Memories – The English localisation for Otomate’s AMNESIA was released on Vita and PC (Steam). It’s absolutely gorgeous and finally one otome game that I could drag my twin into 😂 (She loves Kent by the way ;3 Feel free to chat with her on Twitter @dream_angel720!) I’m really glad that it’s localised and hope to see more otome game localisations from Idea Factory International!!

This wasn’t meant to be comprehensive but rather something I wrote out of my head |D I’m sorry about the ones I did forget /bricked

Rushing this in before New Year’s Eve because I don’t think I can make it on the day itself ww

Thank you so much to everyone who’ve stopped by and to those who commented! Thanks for the amazing year and hope we’ll will have many more to come. Hope you all have a splendid year ahead!

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