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DormLove spring+summer update #04 – Sasha snippets + lack of updates

This post has been inspired by Mirin-san’s recent blog entry about Lasse, who is from Sweden and also the new character in autumn+winter. (You can catch a glimpse of him in between the seasons!)

If I had a choice of who I’m destined to be, Sasha Lebedev is the one for me wwww My bias, my everything~~! (laughs)

I don’t think my otome gaming years would be the same without him (* ̄∇ ̄*)♡

So today’s reveal would be a small part from a certain scene in Sasha’s route! It’s a spoiler for Sasha’s route but it’s kind of a sweet scene so I couldn’t help myself! /bricked

Enjoy! ♡


(Jun is the protagonist’s default name!☆)

Sasha “Well, it’s not that I meant to hide nor meant to keep it a secret.”

Jun “Then the times that you were busy was because…?”

Sasha “I work as an assistant and I take my own photographs while I take on modelling jobs half the time.”

“(chuckles) Did you think I was doing some shady work?”

Jun “N-no, never like that… (Sasha-san, I’m really sorry. I did think you were working on something unsavoury…!)

Sasha “My mentor is horrid. He would drag me everywhere on the pretense of social niceties with his peers. Sometimes I would spent the whole night with them at high-end clubs or at luxurious traditional inns then they would ask me to model for them.”

“I told them I wasn’t cut out for it and would constantly turn down their offers but sometimes you can’t turn down when someone really famous asks for you.”

“Then I thought that having experience from both ends would be a good thing and that it’s good money for new cameras and equipments too. Which is what kicked me off into modelling.”

Jun “I see… But you looked so different from how you usually are.”

Sasha “That’s thanks to the photographer’s skills and their directions. Well, sometimes their instructions can be really difficult. It could be “Sit there like a broken doll waiting for their owner and if you can, shed a tear or two~” or “Remain in that staring pose for another five seconds”. Sometimes it’ll be a simple ‘Okay, just act naturally and do whatever you like”. There are those who would give very detailed instructions too.”

Jun “That is a quite an undertaking…”

Sasha “It is… and for some reason, they like me enough to warrant this much job offers. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very thankful but…”

Jun “?”

Sasha “It’s still much more fun to photograph, instead of being photographed.”

Jun “Having a clear mind of what you want, you’re really amazing Sasha-san.”

Sasha “Is it? Coming from you, it sounded like it’s something really awesome.”

Jun “You really are, Sasha-san! I’ll be rooting for you!”

Sasha “Thank you Jun-chan☆ I’ll do my very extra best from now on. Best be getting back to work and finish the touch-ups by the middle of next week. The exhibition is only around the corner.”

Jun “Is your work being exhibited, Sasha-san? I’d really like to see them.”

Sasha “Yes yes. I would have invited you even before you asked.”

Jun “Yay~ I’m looking forward to it!”

(end of snippet)

Note: Basically drag this out from the vault so it’s never been proofread. Any mistakes are my own!


About the lack of updates, I’m physically and mentally swamped from my grandmother’s passing and still feel like I’m behind on many things which is why there haven’t been any updates for the project (>_<;)

That’s all from me for now~♪

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