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Crimson_Roots by COCOON

When I woke up, I found myself sleeping in a room that I have not seen before.
I wonder why I am here.
–No, I don’t even know who I am.

My eyes met a young man sitting by my bedside.
He tells me that he is a childhood friend of mine.
I can’t decide the truth of his words but to grasp the situation I am in, I chose to believe when they told me,

“You are a magician.”

They told me about Regetonne, a place of research as well as an institution that encourages the study of magic.
And that I am trained to be the next leader of Regetonne.
They also told me I am the reincarnation of a great magician…

– Original text (C) Hachiiro Inko / Translation is my own.


This is one of my memorable games and I really recommend it. The gameplay is a straightforward multiple-choice text-based otome game with branched endings. The characters’ clothing are customisable (but nope, it won’t appear on the CGs ;3) which is fun.

When you finish an ending, you’ll get some money to buy or invest in Noe, who is the protagonist of COCOON’s earlier game, Majo mo Arukeba Akuma ni Ataru. She has a cameo here xD (The game got a remake with additional endings but that’s for another post ;3)

It’s fitted with a CG gallery, afterword as well as a list of scenes and endings – which helps act as a partial walkthrough.

The game is mostly set in a dark atmosphere. Enid finds herself in the heart of something that she doesn’t know of (which is also caused by her memory loss) and in certain routes, she either runs and get taken out or her time ran out without ever finding out the truth. And there’s the odd relationship with Renatus, why is he a former fiancé? And is Jed really just a childhood friend?

There are facets to people that we don’t know and Enid is about to find them out.

This also means that it’s not a game that has happy endings. It’s not usually my cup of tea (check my favourites XD) but I like how complex the story is. It’s intriguing.


Enid ― the protagonist of the story. Her name is also customisable.
Having lost her memories, she was told that everyone perceived her to be intelligent, kind and someone with a strong resolution. Are there truth behind those words…?

Renatus ― said to be Enid’s former fiancé. He is friendly and hangs out with almost everyone but somehow treats Enid with disdain.

Jed ― said to be Enid’s childhood friend who has a tendency to have Enid take precedence over everything else. Jed is rather calm despite his age and doesn’t show a wide range of emotions.


Beautiful graphics with fun customisable options (Enid, Renatus and Jed look so cute and amazing in the many different costumes!!); the story is good and becomes a little twisted in the later part of the story/routes. I repeat, there are no clear cut happy endings here.

I like how pretty and clean the backgrounds are. It really gets you settled into the game.

Also, if you’ve fully cleared Majo mo Arukeba Akuma ni Ataru (not the remake), you can use the data file and get costumes. I remember buying this set of nurse/doctor costumes for maybe 1 million yen by accident and didn’t realise until later. I had to replay the endings many times until I got the required amount for the in-game walkthrough |D

There’s also a companion book called The Missing Piece (digital edition) for sale here.

August 5, 2017: The creator has released an Android version of the game on May 5, 2016. Here are a few screenshots. It’s good if you want to play this on-the-go 😀 and available once installed (doesn’t require an Internet connection). The game’s website is here.

The differences between the PC release and the Android version are the slight alteration to the sprites and the lack of wardrobe function (that was in the PC version). There are no changes to the story.

Like many other things I write on this blog, it’s only available in Japanese.

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3 thoughts on “Crimson_Roots by COCOON

  1. Ahhh cocoon~ I didn’t realize how many indie/doujin otome game makers you have on your bar~ I remember cocoon, I meant to play this game but never got around to it! Good to know it’s pretty good though! I definitely didn’t read much in your post because I didn’t want to spoil anything for me hehe but I’ll definitely go back and play through these. I’ve got a few from Digicla and BabyClan as well so I think I might play some (they’re pretty short for most of them I believe?) just as a nice way to pass the time!

    1. Yay!! I’m glad this post reminded you! >W<
      Digicla's games are mostly dark ones (like Crimson_Roots, no wait maybe darker |D), yuni-verse's Lethe has a similar atmosphere but slightly shorter in terms of length. I've played all of Babyclan's games and Magical x Hearts was super long for me xD I spent lots of time clearing it and it's really worth the time put in.

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