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Dormitory Love spring+summer: Update #03 + Snippet

Yayyy, finally another update for DormLove!

Since my last update, Mirin-san manage to extract the game’s text from the coding and voila, the text is all ready for me to wave my magic on!

The draft for the common events is almost done. The remaining are the ones during the hot spring as well as a few lines here and there. I haven’t made a dent with the character routes but hope to successfully incorporate my current working file with my previous draft. 何をやってもバラバラだ、あたし。。。ヘ(。□°)ヘ

And newsflash! Mirin-san has finished the Nscripter version of DormLove’s between the seasons!!! The submission to Vector is currently pending and won’t be long until it’s released. You can find it here.

between the seasons feature stories that happened in between spring+summer and autumn+winter‘s timeline and has side characters that appeared in the stand-alone games whom you can have an ending with!

Each route’s length is shorter than the main storyline and won’t take long to finish. But it’s still a side story and companion for the first two games so make sure you have at least played spring+summer.

As a treat, I’m gonna leave another snippet. It hasn’t been checked for errors but it’s after the cut. Enjoy♡


Note: Jun is the default name for the player character/protagonist.

(At the booth that Guillaume’s class is doing. Guillaume had been in charge of the costumes and everyone’s dressed up!)

Sasha: Guillaume, how do I button this?

Jun: (Sasha-san!! Your chest is bare and wide open for the world to see!)

Guillaume: Ah that goes like this.
And we’re done.

Sasha: Thank you~ So, how do I look?

Josh: I think I have trouble seeing Sasha as a pirate. If he’s really a pirate, I think he’ll be shark bait already…

Sasha: Hm… I guess that’s possible. I’ll probably be drunk on rum and hanging off a coconut tree. Josh looks more like a pirate to me~

Josh: It’s a dream of mine since I was a kid, hehe.

Jun: (Actually… it being a childhood dream of yours and whether the costume suits you are different things Josh….)

Felix: Um… my costume feels really bare…

Guillaume: Felix, you look so handsome!! This goes absolutely with your toned body. Ah, there’s only Sean and Ling left!


Jun: Ling-kun?

Ling: …must I be photographed like this?

Jun: Are you worried? You look very good.

Ling: I…I feel embarrassed.

Jun: (It’s cute to see him embarrassed like that) There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I feel it too but we’re together so it’ll be alright. The photo will be a wonderful keepsake.

Ling: You look very nice but I…

Guillaume”Li—-ng!! I put in a lot of sweat and blood into making these clothes, so don’t you dare to complain. And where’s Sean!? How long is he going to take!”

Sean: Zip up will you? Why is it that my costume doesn’t flatter me at all? It’s so unfair that only Josh and Sasha looks good.

Josh: Bwahahahaha! That looks so good on you!

Guillaume: You did say nothing over the top! So no more complaints from you!

Jun: (sighs) Don’t argue over something trivial. Look, now we’re really standing out like a sore thumb. (or maybe it’s because a group of foreigners dressed up like pirates that’s out of ordinary.)

Guillaume: Get ready and smile~ Or else the next set of customers would be left waiting.

Josh: Yeah yeah.

“And say, cheese~”

Guillaume: Ah it looks really good. I’ll get them printed out~! A piece would cost you 300yen~

Sean: Doesn’t 300yen a piece sounds like a rip-off?

Guillaume: It’s perfectly cheap! How much time and effort do you think went into making the costumes?

Josh: Even though you’ll be taking them back for yourself to wear? You’ve got it all planned out, didn’t ‘ya?.

Guillaume: S-shut up. And besides, I’m the only one who could wear them.

Jun: (Such confidence! But then, only Guillaume would take them back…)”

“Um, excuse me…”

Sean”Huh? What’s up with you guys?”

“We actually like to take a photograph with you…”

♪End of the snippet♪

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