Gunjou no Yuki (trial review; 群青ノ雪 体験版) by Stellatica

Gunjou no Yuki (群青ノ雪) is an upcoming otome game by Stellatica where Takigawa Nanase, a regular highschooler who was cleaning the storehouse at her home timeslip into the Taishou era when she opened an old diary.

When strange men lingering somewhere unsavoury caught sight of her, she tried to outrun them only to meet Takami Touma, a young man passing through. Touma, along with his companion, Fujima Kounosuke saved her from the men and took her to their home.

As Nanase has nowhere to go, Touma kindly offered her shelter (and later, work as a servant) with the Takami family. But fate had dealt her an awful card…

“Would you be saved if I change the past? Or would it be…?”


I played the trial version when it came out… last year? It’s completely voiced (except the protagonist, Nanase-chan but you can hear her in the PV ;3) and has a very exciting premise filled with mystery and suspense which I can’t wait to find out.

The ending for the trial version had been a fixed ending but in the full release, it would have the player go through it a second time and the story would branch out from there (according to this tweet).

Nanase’s seiyuu, who also voiced Kayo, one of the Takami family’s servant and later friend, is really talented! She did all sorts of voices for the female characters and if the writer hadn’t mentioned, I don’t think I’d have noticed they were voiced by the same people.

The game would be available in 2 forms, a freeware and packaged version. The freeware would have route restrictions. The packaged version (price currently unavailable) will contain the entire story.

It’ll be released soon (no date yet) but they have tweeted that pre-orders would start when the game approaches their release date.

One phrase: I can’t wait!!



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