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Drug Prince and Narcotic Girl (ドラッグ王子とマトリ姫) – ramblings

The prologue opens with you waking up outdoors, tied to a chair and presented to an audience as a prize. You start to put together what has happened. There’s a boxing ring, which might have been an illegal fighting match and boxers could be injected with cocaine in order to heat things up, making it a win or die fight.

The two boxers step into the ring but then one suddenly grabs the man emceeing the event while the other unties you. You’re wary and refused their help only to realise the two man (after they unmasked themselves) to be Seki Daisuke and Aoyama Itsuki, both your colleagues in Narcotics.

You play a 26-year old pharmacist and suddenly, your friend and colleague Ayako rushed to you about a very handsome man waiting for you at the car park. Thinking that you might have got in trouble with the law, the handsome man insists that he is not doing anything unsavory (unless you had or have been dealing medicine illegally…).

Seki flashed his badge, showing that he’s the head of the Narcotics department. He scouted you for a reason: your body’s ability to handle (or be immune to) certain drugs, which is useful as a wildcard in their operations.

On your first day, you meet the rest of the guys and would be partnered up so he could you show you the ropes and keep you safe because people with the ability to resist the effects of drugs are often targeted (useful for research).

Drug Prince and Narcotic Girl has six characters and currently the main stories for four characters (Seki Daisuke, Aoyama Itsuki, Yui Koutarou and Natsume Haru) are released. Satobe Wataru and Imaouji Shun’s main stories are not yet released. There are also various side stories (vampire-themed, personality-swapping, first night together and etc.) available for purchase.


Seki Daisuke
Head of Narcotics. He’s really good at looking after people. Surprisingly, he smokes.

Aoyama Itsuki
The ace. He likes his work and cooking.

Yui Koutarou
The scientist who found out your body’s ability. Goes to extreme measures to research and secure you as an asset. (Like moving in to the apartment next to you [though this was mentioned in Yui’s first chapter, I guess it’s a secret among the other guys www])

Natsume Haru
A researcher in Narcotics. Likes drinking. He lives in the penthouse suite of a hotel, for reasons unstated. You find out a secret of his and in exchange for keeping quiet… (you’ll find out in his route ww)

Watabe Satoru
An officer from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Likes drinking parties (according to the official site).

Imaouji Shun
Belongs to Narcotics and enjoys sailing. His Japanese might be slightly old-fashioned(?) because he was raised by his grandmother (if I remember correctly).

On the iOS version, Coly is currently giving away one random character route, for free, when you finish the prologue and the first chapter (only for first-time players). I’m not sure whether it’s still ongoing but give it try 🙂
You can preview the stories before purchasing as well.

Google Store
Official site


4 thoughts on “Drug Prince and Narcotic Girl (ドラッグ王子とマトリ姫) – ramblings

    1. I’ve heard of requests wanting to see the game in English since its release xD Perhaps it’s a fresh premise compared to Voltage,inc.’s games?

      1. I’d say it’s a different kind of plot that voltage would venture towards. That’s what other otome company’s are for I suppose. (:

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