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Dormitory Love spring+summer update #2 – Scenario sneek peek!

Finally something that I’m able to reveal! *(*´∀`*)☆

It’s one of the events in the common route and it’s springtime! Jun and the guys are out enjoying a hanami (flower viewing)!

The translation is still kind of rough but enjoy and tell me what you think !


Guillaume: It’s such a fine day today~
Jun: Yeah and you can see so much of the sky. Just the day for flower viewing!

Sean: Whoa, there’s already a crowd coming about. What about our spot?
Jun: Josh is supposed to get a space for us. I hope he managed to get one.
Guillaume: You’ll wonder whether he actually woke up or not.
Sean: He’s pretty silly making us draw lots and drew the short one himself…
And where is he by the way… ah, over there!

Josh: Yo! Everyone’s here?
Guillaume: Never would I think that Josh could have found such a nice spot! I think I’m seeing you in a new light, Josh.
Josh: Ah, I’m often up at 5 for basketball practice. This is nothing.
Sean: I see… Then why did you look so disappointed when you got the lot?
Josh: Because it’s troublesome. I’m alright if it’s basketball practice, but no way I’m sitting out in the cold at this time of the morning.
Guillaume: You suggested drawing lots, so no complaining. And you threw a tantrum about wanting a flower viewing, which is why this happened. So if everything fell to your lap, I think it is completely justified.
Josh: You’re just hitching the ride. If it’s like you said, why don’t you do it?
Jun: W-well, thank you Josh for getting us a spot. Here, have some hot chocolate.

Josh: Ohoho, thanks Jun~☆
But hey, you guys don’t have much stuff with you. Where’s the food and drinks? And what about my strawberry-flavoured milk?
Sean: Urgh, he really likes his sweet stuff. I brought Darjeeling and Assam tea.
Jun: I’ve baked some cookies to go with.
Guillaume: I’ll have squid, beef jerkies with some QBB baby cheese and then…
Josh: Aren’t they snacks to have drinks with? What a weird mix.
Sean: ……
Guillaume: ……..
Jun: Ah! But Sasha-san and Felix-san said they were buying too.
Sean: …I suppose we have to rely on their good taste then.


The video link for the trailer was down temporarily but the link has been updated!

That’s all for now and thanks for reading☆

[Edit] Great news! Mirin-san manage to retrieve the game’s text from her first three games so I’m concentrating my efforts to get them translated. I’ll be needing copy-editors and proof-readers when the the translations are complete.

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