Kisetsu’hazure no Higasa from Omoide no Toki Shuurishimasu

Was a little disappointed that this chapter wasn’t adapted for the manga but felt that this chapter was important, in its own way. Not a summary, just some highlights and excerpts.


In Kisetsu’hazure no Higasa (literally ‘The Out of Season Parasol’), Akari observes a lady in her fifties holding a parasol (in November, quite strange, isn’t it), who was searching for her daughter, said to be spirited away.

The lady had asked Akari about the watchmaker’s store and wondered about the brass plate that said ‘We repair the time of your memories’. Then Taichi came, amusingly, to importune on Akari for breakfast as Shuuji was away on business at Switzerland (it was revealed at the end of this story that he went back to his hometown). Akari had felt somewhat disappointed with his absence. Then, a young lady with twin tails (nicknamed Miss Twintails) came and asked about a stuffed plushie of a pig that she lost a long time ago. Later, the lady with parasol then explained that she was looking for the same plushie (as Miss Twintails).

It turns out Miss Twintails is the daughter of the lady with the parasol (though it wasn’t stated clearly in the book) and both of them were involved in an accident at the river many years ago. The accident happened when Miss Twin-tails was distraught at her mother leaving home (because her parents are going to be divorced) and her mother asked Miss Twintails to think of the plushie in her place but she ran out of the house, wanting to throw away the plushie, thinking that it would make her mother come home. Somehow she slipped and fell into the river and when Miss Twintails woke up in the hospital, her mother nor her plushie were no longer there.

Akari gave the plushie to Miss Twintails and insisted that her mother would have wanted it only to realise the consequences (after Miss Twintails left) if the lady with the parasol came for the plushie as well. The lady did come but before Akari could explain, she assured Akari that it was alright, adding that she saw her daughter (Miss Twintails) with the said plushie. She is relieved knowing that she would no longer cry, looking for the plushie. Then she headed to where she had come from, her steps seemingly lighter than never before.




We need memories so that we can go on living. Whether it’s a good or bad thing, coming to terms with it would then crystalise itself to be a part of our heart. When that happens, it might also be a foothold towards the future.

But when memories don’t come to a conclusion and those thoughts continue to creep, they will drift like the fog, blurring your vision. And like that, you can’t tell where you should go from here.

Nishina Akari, protagonist of Omoide no Toki Shuurishimasu (by Tani Mizue, translation by Amaya @aheadofthenight)

From both excerpts, I feel it’s important to know where one stands on one matter or the other. Once you understand and know how you feel about it, it is only then you can make a decision how to handle it.

Thank you Asera for always checking my translations, これからもよろしくお願いね!

P.S. I hope the translations conveyed the meaning though I feel it doesn’t quite reflect Akari’s train of thoughts >//<

P.S.S. When I first came across the book, I was attracted to it because the protagonist’s name was Akari because I have a friend that goes by the name Akari too //// ❤

2 thoughts on “Kisetsu’hazure no Higasa from Omoide no Toki Shuurishimasu

  1. Yeah, another Omoide related post finally came out! 🙂 Thank u for the translation and review. The light novel is sure very popular as it always reach the top ten place on the Oricon chart. ^^; Btw, one thing I love about Tani Mizue’s works is that you can’t predict what’s going to happen, and even if you can it still brings many unexpected things xD And I love how she can naturally make everything impressive and heart-warming with just her writing .<) Hope I'll get a chance to read the novel in the future, and the manga as well.:)

    1. You’re welcome! Yup, according to the Wiki (source: obi from the manga’s 2nd volume), it had sold more than 520,000 copies as of August ’14.
      Her writing is really approachable for me, especially this novel. Her HakuYou series had so much unexpected things, not only the incidents, developments but also her characters who are so loveable.

      Maybe there’s a chance of the manga having a English release since it only has two volumes (currently; if there are no more novels released.) :3

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