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Intruder Game (潜入ゲーム)

Sennyuu Game, otherwise known for its English title, Intruder Game.  (iTunes)

The concept goes like this,

What if you could control your actions in a dream…?
One man fulfilled this wish that all of us have had.
He stole away to the countryside and founded a small company to hide this technology.
If you submit a request for the company to restore a lost memory, you will be sent a music player, headphones and a written advisory.

Play the music for 90 minutes in a safe place where no one will interrupt you.

Do as instructed and the music will make you irresistibly drowsy.
When you awaken the memory you requested will be fresh in your mind again.

(reproduced from Sen-nyuu Game’s English official website)

I noticed this game when they announced a voiced version of the game. Release date for the voiced version is on September 15 (iOS) and November 29 (Android) respectively. The cast are Ono Yuuki as Sakichi, Uchida Aya as Pina, Nanjou Yoshino as Naru, Koyama Rikiya as the boss (社長), Kaji Yuuki as Kyou and Maeno Tomoaki as Take.

At the official site, it states that the Intruder Game project is “the first part of an experimental creative project to produce illustrations, comics, novels, games and more based on the Intruder Game concept. We hope many participants will join in the process of expanding that concept through our various creative works.”

I quickly tried the existing release and find it quite interesting. In the first two missions, you and another member will go into a client’s dream or their memories to help the client recall where they have lost a certain item. There are 10 stages for each mission and you need to find 10 black keys to complete the mission.

In the game, you would tap, swipe or even shake your iPod/iPhone. Depending on the mission, your partner would materialise items to assist you in your mission. They would also give you hints to help you solve the puzzle.

On top of the usual missions, there is a special mission from Take, asking us to erase a certain horror movie screening from his memory. I didn’t realise the mission was timed and there was a trapdoor rattling, wanting to be opened. I thought it was supposed to be unlocked but no, I didn’t manage to finish the mission in time and someone came up to my face. I was so surprised that I choked badly my younger sister was asking me what’s wrong www If you are not good with horror, it might be best to leave it alone ww

The puzzles are enjoyable but at time where I can’t figure the answer, I use this walkthrough. Registrations for the voiced version has also started and they will give away 500yen worth of jewels (in-game currency) to selected users.

Besides a game release, Intruder Game also has illustrations, manga and light novels. A light novel contest was held last year and the winning works can be found here while the rest of the entries are here.

Currently, it has a collaboration with The Amazing Spider-man 2, where Maeno-san dubbed Peter Parker/Spider-man in the film and Take in the Intruder Game and it’s really amusing seeing the exchange between Take and Peter XD
(and heartbreaking because I’m having feels from the movie again ;;;;)

The collaboration is also having a giveaway, ending on September 30. 5 scripts with Maeno-san’s autograph will be given away ;3 Check it here.


11/21: Sennyuu Game 1st Story (the voiced version) has finally released! iTunes/Android version would be released on December 17, 2014.

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