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30 day otome challenge: Day 2 – First love.

I can’t recall much from my first otome game love www

Spoilers. Please refrain from reading if you haven’t played Aru Kanri’nin no Koi.

Original post for the 30 day otome challenge.

…so instead of my first love, instead being the operative word, I’ll talk about my number 1 love, hehe.

Sasha Lebedev, the Russian artist who is a photographer and a model from the Dormitory Love series (Aru Kanri’nin no Koi). Being the eldest member and the only working adult in the dormitory, he calls himself onii-san. He really loves children so the younger members in the dorm, Guillaume and Lin-kun are often harrassed(?) by him (laughs)

Sasha has a really bad sleeping habit and sleeps almost anywhere so Felix always stand watch in the morning in case Sasha leaves wearing bathroom sandals and not properly dressed. XD

On a personal level, Jun-chan (the protagonist) helps Sasha out by cleaning his room regularly and making meals for him as his jobs as a photographer and model are irregularly timed. He really loves Jun-chan’s hamburgers x3 ♥ and me? I’d love anyone who tells me that my cooking are great (laughs) World peace, after all, starts from the dining table.

The most memorable moment was that he said, loving someone is related to the ego. He never wants to tie her down so that he could be loved. As long as it ends with her being happy, that is all that matters.

I cried.

I know my words are poorly put together and aren’t good enough to describe but I love the way he is, kind, gentle, sensitive yet a little child-like in some ways. So he is, my first love because there isn’t another character I’ve loved the way I did for Sasha.



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