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Fujita Maiko makes major debut, 1st major single announced

On the day of her birthday, Fujita Maiko-san announced her major debut under Victor Records (Victor Entertainment) and the release of her first major single, Namida ga Tomaranai no wa (涙が止まらないのは) on March 26, 2014.

The single comes in two releases, regular and limited editions. The limited edition includes a DVD containing the PV of the title song and 3 live performances from her free Budoukan live held last October. If you buy the single from HMV, Tower Record or Tsutaya, you will get a postcard as a tokuten. The postcard features a different photo depending from the store you bought it from.


1. Namida ga Tomaranai no wa (涙が止まらないのは)
2. Tsubomi (つぼみ)
3. Kawaikunaritai to Omotta Hi (可愛くなりたいと思った日)
4. Tegami ~Aisuru Anata he~ (hikigatari version) (手紙 ~愛するあなたへ~ 弾き語りVer)
Tracks 5-7 are instrumental tracks for tracks 1-3.

The regular edition cost 1,200 yen (+taxes) and 2,000 yen (+taxes) for the limited edition.

Tsubomi was one of the two new songs that she performed at her free Budoukan live. Barks.jp reports that it will be the theme song for a special drama broadcast in March.

30-second samples of tracks 1 to 4 are up at her artist page on JVC.

A string of free live performances has also been announced (and more to come) to commemorate her major debut and single release. So far, only four venues has been confirmed.

3/21 (Friday) 13:00 and 16:00 onwards, Tokyo’s Sunstreet Kameido Marketplace
3/25 (Tuesday) 19:00 onwards, Tokyo Dome City Laqua Garden Stage
3/26 (Wednesday) 19:00 onwards, Tokyo’s Odaiba Venus Fort: 2nd Floor Venus Grand, Church Area(*I’m not really sure of this but check this floormap, the 教会広場 is the location)
3/28 (Friday) 14:00 and 18:00 onwards, Nagoya’s Asunal Kanayama ~Asunaru! Square* (translated 広場 as square, though it simply means public space)

Check her Twitter or JVC artist page for any venue additions : )

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