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Tokimeki Restaurant☆☆☆ (TokiRes) by Konami Digital Entertainment

‘World peace starts from the dining table’.  – Shibuya Miko

I totally agree with it so please don’t bring fights to the dining table or I’ll kick you out personally xD

Tokimeki Restaurant is a smartphone game by Konami Digital Entertainment for iOS and Android. It combines two aspects, love simulation and running a restaurant. I reckon that it’s on the same setting as the Tokimeki Memorial series and our protagonist meet two idol groups, 3 Majesty and X.I.P. who are creating a stir at Habataki City.

We have just started working at a restaurant where both idol groups frequent and we get to fall in love with them!! ♥(。→‿←。)キャハ♥ The good part is that you don’t have to choose one guy xDD My ‘honmei’ is Kirishima Tsukasa! (*^o^*)

I started playing in March and it’s pretty fun to level up your food, touch them (the ‘skinship’ mode from the TokiMemo: Girl’s Side series x33) and seeing the events that you’ve got with various guys makes me incredibly happy (≧∇≦) Too bad after the iPad reset, I couldn’t play anymore but at least I’ve got wonderful memories from it (⌒▽⌒)

At times, they would have ‘live’ events so your job is to cheer the guys by serving them food they would like (quests provide this) so you’ll get hearts > events and subsequently yell points (エールポイント) during the ‘live’! They’re a little difficult to progress as the energy for the food are high ;W; so it’s good to have a stockpile of potions to replenish your energy. If you make it into the ranking until the end of the ‘live’, you’ll get a trophy! Yell points could also be increased when you buy special energy potions that are released during the live, either for the group or the individual members.

I often refer to this website for walkthroughs. It’s unofficial but could be of some use.

Looking forward to what goodies B’s-Log has in store for us >w<


 2013-07-10T12-09-44_213        2013-07-10T12-09-44_207

(a) Otowa: Are you okay? You look tired.
(b) Date: I’m here, Honey~

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