Fujita Maiko

SUPERMOON, June 23/2013

It’s Sunday and I feel like getting a head start on my report. But like always, I’m on a whim and going to dedicate today’s post to the Supermoon happening tonight.

Maiko-san wrote a song with the title, Supermoon when it happened 9 days after the March 11 Fukushima disaster. The song was previously unpublished till she performed on a Ustream program for Praylist.jp until the iTunes release on February 29, 2012. (Later included in her 5th album, 1%.)

When the disaster happened, she was in Tokyo and she managed to perform at two other prefectures before coming back and found Tokyo in a state of disorder. Her schedule for March was put on hold and Maiko-san went back to her hometown in Nagoya. (the original diary entry)

During her 10-day stay, she didn’t see anyone but watched the news and thinking a lot. It was when she saw that on March 20, the moon would be in its closest distance to earth and it’s bigger than usual. When she read on Twitter that people from Nagasaki, Gifu and many other places are looking at the moon at the same time, she felt that despite everything happening, she is connected. Everyone is connected under the same sky.

The tweet below later became the song, Supermoon.

You could watch a short version of SUPERMOON, performed at her 2011 Early Summer Live at C.C. Lemon Hall (now Shibuya Public Hall).

I translated a small section of the song to commemorate tonight’s Supermoon in conjunction with Maiko-san’s song.
(Like my other translations (JP>ENG), please read with caution, there might be errors ^^)

Am I being contrary when I say we’re looking up the same sky and such
I never thought of it that way

But I know that compared to solitude, feeling the loneliness and sadness
There are people faraway that I want to meet

I looked up the sky
[In the night of] March 20th, 2011

This is the first time I felt so strongly that ‘everyone is under the same sky’
If I start thinking like this, it’s surely alright
then the day we see each other will come

The day we meet will definitely come

I’m sorry if my writing is messy, my brain is sort of scattered right now xD

Enjoy your Sunday☆

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