Omoide no Toki Shuurishimasu (思い出のとき修理します) by Tani Mizue (谷瑞恵)

I wasn’t sure whether I would finish writing this (Has a great deal of drafts but not much entries, laughs) and my previous entry signed off with a lovely weekend either… but here’s my take on Tani-sensei’s novel, Omoide no Toki Shuurishimasu.

Could memories ever be repaired…?

Tired of her work and love, Akari has moved to the town where she spent a little time of her life there. At the corner of the desolate shopping district, she meets the owner of a watch store that had a strange plate on the display window. With this, Akari starts her new life…

Tani Mizue, the author famed for her light novel series, Hakushaku to Yousei and Majo no Kekkon has released her first novel in September 2012. I found the novel while I was wandering at Kinokuniya. The title and the cover caught my eye.

Repairing the Time of Your Memories, I thought.

Like Akari, I wondered about that possibility. There are countless times where both my heart and mind are at odds with each other. Right now, I’m feeling lost as well. Maybe the answer has always been there but I left it behind. On this dark road, struggling to find myself, I strive to make it all alright while I started to lose balance and to keep the status quo, choices, events, everything else didn’t matter…

That’s a short intermission from my blog post. (笑)

This is my first time reading a Japanese novel and it really took time for me to get used to the vertical text. It didn’t help that I find it hard to concentrate because the text is small and different from Western text xD If I tried too hard, I’ll get a headache, haha.

The storyline is connected through different stories. Nishina Akari, the protagonist is 27 years old who broke up with her boyfriend and moved to a town where she has memories of. She meets the owner of the watch store, Iida Shuuji when he found Akari ambushed by a cat, later Taichi, a (wandering) university student who asks her to visit the shrine and give some money in exchange of good favour from the gods. (laughs)

The town is a shadow of its former glory as a bustling shopping district. Now, most shops are closed and the home where Akari moved to was the salon that Akari’s grandparents used to run. Inspired by her grandmother, Akari became a hairdresser as well. Disappointed with work at a salon chain (in the city) and breaking up with her boyfriend, she seeks a different pace of life.

If I say any more, I’ll ruin the story for you www

It’s a very pleasant story for me. A gentle pace guides the story and we see a bigger picture as it unveils. I’m not sure is it the writing style of the author (I haven’t read other Japanese novels to compare) but her writing is really enjoyable. I just finished reading one of Tani-sensei’s short story compilation for Hakushaku to Yousei (Koi yori mo Odayaka ni Mitsumete) and I love the stories and definitely how she wrote them! If you want a book to spend your autumn nights, Omoide no Toki wo Shuurishimasu is definitely one title to have. Or else the hot summer might just turn your concentration off the book xD

I read from an article that there would be a continuation this coming autumn. I’m looking forward to seeing Akari, Shuuji and everyone else again.

Ending this entry with a line from the novel.

A vague and uncertain past robs people the strength to move forward.

For my present situation, I don’t think I can agree more.

♠Where to buy♠

AmazonJP (Kindle; only for those residing in Japan)

There’s a manga adaptation of the novel, serialised irregularly at Cocohana by Yamaguchi Izumi. There’s two chapters so far which corresponds to the stories in the novel, Kuroi Neko no Papa and Akane’iro no Onepiece. Definitely looking forward to the tankoubon release!

[17/8]: The compiled volume would be finally released in September 25th!! Listings at AmazonJP and CDJapan. Only ‘Kisetsu’hazure no Higasa’ (季節はずれの日傘) wasn’t adapted. I guess it’s because it didn’t have much development for the main storyline.

[23/8] The continuation, Omoide no Toki Shuurishimasu 2: Ashita wo Ugokasu Haguruma has been listed at AmazonJP (it seems like it has been announced earlier and I missed it x3;;;).

July 14, 2017: Book two in the series is subtitled, Ashita wo Ugokasu Haguruma, book three is Sora kara no Jihou and the final book is Eikyuu Dokei wo Mune ni. Or if you’re new, you can also get the entire set of four in one. All links to CDJapan.

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6 thoughts on “Omoide no Toki Shuurishimasu (思い出のとき修理します) by Tani Mizue (谷瑞恵)

  1. Tani Mizue is my favourite author from Hakushaku to Yousei so I’m kind of interested in her other series as well ^^ Look forward to your review for the sequel xD

  2. Hello! Stumbled upon your blog and this blog post only today^^ I’ve been eyeing this series for qutie a while but decided to buy the first volume after I read this post, thanks a lot! I haven’t started reading it yet, since I have a long list of stuff I wanna read xD But thanks a lot for such an emotional post about the book!

    1. You’re welcome! I hope you enjoy it >w<
      I'll look forward to your post about the book! 😀

  3. eh hello ^^U i just founded this post (was searching fanfiction XD) and google showed me this..and i just went to read it XDD since it was finished (the series) i was always thinking on write a fanfiction but..i was always wondered if i just should to write it in english or in japanese (my mother tongue is spanish btw XD) so was still googling searching for more..ideas of it and i found this and i just was wanted to say hello (though i see the post is from 2 yrs old already XD) hope after u did this summary u got to finish reading the novels i enjoyed actually (too much though i still have problems with vol 3)

    1. Hi Nanami! Thanks for leaving a comment! 😀 I think fanfictions would be great! Haven’t caught up to the last (fourth) book in the series myself so I’m pretty looking forward to seeing the characters again >w< Any language you prefer writing in would be a good starting point :3
      I remember how the third volume brought the topic of her father back in, which would give closure to Akari as well as her relationship with her mother.

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