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(unboxing) MoteHapi ~Kokoro to Karada Michitekuru~ (モテハピ~ココロtoカラダ満ちてくる~)

BJV3O4KCcAA_kvV.jpg large(from left to right, the character name card, the tokuten CD and the main story)

MoteHapi is the first situational drama CD released by Macaron Alacarte featuring guys who are trying to court your affections after the horoscope on TV said you’re in for a super lucky day☆ Your moteki (モテ期; the time in life where you’ll be popular among the guys, in this case www) is happening and goodness, everyone you see (even on the train!) are coming after you!

☆CD’s introductory post

After finding out that the store tokuten are running out, I checked AmazonJP which had a few more copies left, I let out a sigh of relief. Naturally, many fangirls manoeuvered faster than I did and a few hours later, it was out of stock XD

I was heart-broken because proxy services cost almost 5000-6000yen if I were to order from Stellaworth (my original plan and the store tokuten, a character name card which I’m favouring over the others w) but thank heavens that my sister, Asera found a forwarding service called Anislo and it’s way cheaper compared to proxy services because you personally pay for the payments and the items would be shipped to their warehouse. They would then send the items for you. This means that shops must be able to accept foreign credit cards. Or else it wouldn’t work XD”

Continuing my adventure, Macaron Alacarte’s site updated that the Amazon tokuten had ran out so I was dejected for a bit. I consoled myself that it’s better than nothing at all w

The day it reached home was just absolutely sparkles and flowers out of my heart and mind (laughs) I seriously needed something to take my mind off the things that’s stressing the crap out of me and I was waiting for MoteHapi to help me! www

When I opened, the name card was there! Squealing my heart out, Asera was like ‘σ(゚・゚*)ンート・・・’ in the room www I was only expecting the tokuten CD and the main CD! I thank my stars and goodness, the set is complete >///<

As this is the unboxing entry, I would not spoil the story :3

✿Where to buy✿

Stellaworth (search for the title, モテハピ)

Macaron Alacarte also has an ongoing radio show at NND hosted by Hatano Kazutoshi and Karino Toshiya. The hosts voiced Saionji Makoto (the black-haired guy ↓↓) and Saionji’s secretary in MoteHapi.

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