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Machi de Uwasa no Hakushaku-sama+ for Android & PC (街で噂の伯爵様+ for Android & PC)

Machi de Uwasa no Hakushaku-sama+ is the Android port of the freeware otome game originally on Windows, released by ERFOLG in June 2010.

This Android release would be fully voiced and contain new scenario, graphics as well as revision to the existing text. For PC users, the creator, K9 would be releasing the voiced PC game as a shareware for 500yen at DLsite here or at the English DLsite here.

The Android app, priced at 350yen on Google Play is available for those outside Japan as well. Remember to try the trial version on your device before purchasing!

As a note, there is no English translation for the Android port nor PC.

Summary for the porting to Android and PC :3

Continuously wandering the forest for an unfortunate reason,
Siena (name changeable) collapsed after her mind and body reached its limit.
Waltred, who found her and then brought her to his estate, nursing her back to health.

Siena wanted to return the kindness shown to her and asked to do so, but…

‘You’ve trespassed my grounds and so, you now belong to me.’

and Siena was to work as a maidservant for this estate.
She has nowhere to go and based on the turn of events, Siena decided to work for Waltred…

Waltred, the head of the household
Dalim, the servant who can’t speak
Jurij, the man who was confined in a box at the storeroom

A rather peculiar life with these three people.
As the story unfolds, leading to an individualistic fantasy?!

(c) ERFOLG, Machi de Uwasa no Hakushaku-sama+

The voice cast would feature Hino Ataru as Waltred, Bitou Hideyoshi as Dalim and Izayoi Shinji as Jurij.


I was really excited with the trial version. The original release was one of the games I’ve enjoyed when I started otome games (after being intrigued by such a novel idea of girls trying love simulation and adventure games *laughs*) For a freeware, it was outstanding. The presentation of the game in the art and scenario was amazing. This is one of my top otome games since I’ve started playing in Christmas ’09.

The fact that an Android port was announced, I was overjoyed (despite having an iPad), it’s still quite exciting 😀

When I first played the original release, I only managed 4 ends in less than 7 hours. Very poor statistics. Maybe I took my time to read the dialogues but with a walk-through and events list, I managed to finish it all in the end.

Can’t wait to see the characters on my PC again (with voices too!) /glomps all of the them

On the first anniversary of the game’s release, it had a short story which delved more on Waltred’s younger days and his parents too ! I hope we can see them in the game!

Note~: If you found glitches or errors in the Android port, please ’email the developer’ about it instead of leaving it as a review. It would help the creator to fix it 😀

[26/4 10:14am] There are problems for name inputting for several devices so please test your Android with the trial version before you purchase! You can refer to this entry regarding the bug.

[27/4 9:00pm] Corrected the names for the cast and added a link to the trial version.

[29/4 7:54pm] PC release is out! Head to DLsite!


13 thoughts on “Machi de Uwasa no Hakushaku-sama+ for Android & PC (街で噂の伯爵様+ for Android & PC)

  1. We posted on the same day! x3
    I wonder if you can email the developer in English? I’m kind of sad to see this having a low rating in Google Play but maybe because people can’t express what went wrong during their playthrough. D:

    1. I didn’t realise till after I did www
      Yes, I was wondering about that after reading through Google Play and comments. Maybe we could compile some errors that came up from non-Japanese users? What do you think?

    2. I think we can look through what errors that has been fixed and forward the ones that ERFOLG didn’t know? I think I could explain the errors in Japanese :3 but I need the following information for the glitches/bug report.
      1. What device (model name) it was
      2. What keyboard was used (particularly
      3. What happened when the error popped up

        1. Maybe we look through whether anyone on TL has played or faced errors? :3 Or those who come forward and commented on your blog with an error they had? Tumblr too x3 How about that?

  2. Hi 🙂 You stated, “As a note, there is no English translation for the Android port.” Does that mean there is an English translation for the PC version? I would totally buy and support this game if that is the case since I do not know a word of Japanese 😦 Thanks!

    1. I’m sorry to say that there’s no English translation for the Android port or PC release ><

  3. I was wondering… If you still know the site for the walkthrough’s and events? I’m kind of stuck with not getting all endings… ;w;

    But this game is so AWESOME. I really really like it. Hahaha. The earl is a walking piece of MOE. I can’t tell you how much I fangirled over him. Seeing him blushing is bad for my health. xDD

    1. Hi there! Sorry I couldn’t reply sooner ;w;
      I think the Android version share similar walkthroughs with the original PC one (the voiced versions didn’t have the ‘dark’ routes) as there were only minor revisions to the story.
      Here ( is one blog that has a walkthrough of the original PC version. Hope it helps!

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