Hakusensha’s Silky magazine to be discontinued, spin-off goes digital

The josei manga magazine, Silky from Hakusensha would be discontinued in their print format and would move to ‘Love Silky’, their new monthly web magazine, according to their latest issue (April 2013).

Love Silky is currently carrying Mizutani Kyouko’s Mitsudan and 2 issues has been released at Yahoo! Japan Bookstore and Renta! (not available on English site) for 420 yen and 5 tickets (1 ticket=100 yen) respectively. (Links are for the first issue.) The third issue is expected to be released on March 20th.

According to Nagae Tomomi (@tomoruru)’s tweets from November, the author of Kimi no Tame ni Hiku Chopin (abb. KimiCho) has asked for interested magazines/publishers for a new magazine to serialise in as Silky would be discontinued. Many retweets followed and according to her KimiCho blog, it is under negotiations. Nagae said she was offered a chance for new work but has said to be unsure of where she would continue from here. She mentioned that the series would stand a better chance for serialisation if the sales were better.

It’s really a shame to see Silky discontinued since their stories were interesting! Kitchen Palette by Takada Rie was really funny xD I got to read Silky Special which contained many one-shots where the mangaka adapted the readers’ actual experiences&stories. They were different from the usual one-shots you read which are really good. It’s too bad they couldn’t go into a tankoubon D:

(Source: Comic Natalie, Nagae Tomomi’s Twitter thread for KimiCho)

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